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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 14, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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streets of oakland. now, in just a little while, the mayor, the police chief, and others will be out here talking about violence this afternoon. and they're going to do it here in front of a mural of carlos nava, a 3-year-old shot and killed in 2011 here in east oakland. this morning, candles were out on east 17th street in the fruit vail district, where a 22-year-old man was shot and killed friday. that started this rash of shootings. four homicides friday. police believe some of the violence is tied to ongoing feuds in different corners of the city plagued by gangs and gun violence. over the weekend, the mayor and the police chief talked strategy, vie mayor larry reid told the tribune it's time to declare a state of emergency and that would free up state funds to help out here. at least two of the victims were shot in the fruitvale district and a council member says he sports a state of emergency. >> i'm relying on our police chief. they've done all the legality
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background checks and how to create a state of emergency. and so for me, i support any tool necessary that i can give my police chief, whether it's curfews, more police officers, call in u.s. marshals if i have to. but we have to re-establish order in oakland and discipline. >> and we are back here live where the police chief, mayor and city council members will be out here around 12:45 to discuss their anti violence plan. there were 131 homicides in oakland last year. so far, six this year. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> all right, christie, thank you very much. we can tell you, the bay area woke up to nothing short of a frigid morning, temperatures well below the freezing mark. and one of the coldest spots, palo alto, temperatures in the 20s. frost covering cars parked on the street. the grass also had ice on it as well. that cold snap, yes, posing a threat to crops in the central
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valley. but a spokesperson we spoke to says those citrus growers out there believe most of the crops should have survived the very, very cold night. and to give us some in depth details about just how cold it was and how nice it's going to get, christine loren is here to tell us about the forecast. >> a little something for everybody. except for rain. we don't have any rain in the forecast for the next seven days. but take a look at what we do have. abun can't sunshine. let's talk about highlights this morning or shall we say low lights. gilroy, 23 degrees. napa hit 27. concord, 28. and 29 in redwood city. highly unusual to get that cold along the peninsula, but it certainly happened this morning. in oakland, hit about 36 degrees. right now we're still feeling the chill. temps mostly in the 40s as we head throughout the day today, only going to round out into the upper 50s. even the warmest across the bay. but mostly low 50s. cold sunshine, the breeze picks up. offshore winds means temperatures won't be as frigid tomorrow morning.
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we warm up by 4 to 6 degrees and then there is a lot more warming on the way as we get deeper into the week. how do 70s in mid january sound, john? >> i like the sound of that a lot. >> i do too. we deserve it. >> looking forward to warming up. check back in a minute, christina. firefighters say the weather may be indirectly responsible for a house fire in east san jose. crews responding to a two-story house fire in eastern foothills. that happened about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. they say that entire roof was on fire when they arrived. a total of six people who lived in that home were able to get out safely. the cause of this fire right now remains under investigation. but the people who live there say they had a fire going in their fireplace when the bigger fire ultimately broke out. new this morning, firefighters trying to figure out the cause of a fire that just ripped through a single-story five-plex on action street. one person there was taken to the hospital for some minor burns and smoke inhalation. that fire caused a total of
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about $50,000 worth of damage. also in berkeley, an unstable hillside forcing the berkeley lab to relocate some of its employees. there are pictures there posted by a professional photographer to the website flicker. the lab says rain has created a muddy mess on the hillside of mcmillan road. a geologist, a surveyor and other personnel right now monitoring that slide each and every day. they have taken some soil samples this month and that will determine whether the hillside needs to ultimately be shored up. the hot water still off this morning for hundreds of seniors in a san jose apartment complex. residents of the town and park towers on third street have been without hot water for more than a week now. most are elderly or disabled. they say they have been having problems getting that hot water since december 3rd. now some tenants, they say they've caught warm water every once in a while coming through the pipes, but not long enough for a quick hot somehow we are. >> not healthy.
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i don't like it. it's not a healthy thing to be doing. even washing your dishes in cold water, you're not getting rid of the bacteria. and that's what i'm afraid. >> a representative for that complex says there's been a problem with the solar heating system, and a replacement boiler system has been providing hot water. but residents we talk to, they say that water is still very cold. there's a little bit of relief for commuters on the dunbar ton bridge today. the toll lane was reopened between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. it was closed down at the beginning of the year because of budget cuts. but that triggered a big-time morning backup all the way out to 880. the lane will only be open for a few hours every day in the metropolitan transportation commission now says it could soon be changed to a fast-track-only lane. a san francisco pizza chain now settling with the city over its ground breaking and controversial health care law. a city investigation found pa cheese collected a 4% surcharge
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from its customers to help cover the cost of health care for employees. but the city says the restaurant used that money for other things. the restaurant is now paying $320,000 to settle. gun show organizers, they say they saw a record turnout of this weekend's crossroads of the west gun show at the cow palace. the owner of the gun show says turnout was triple what it was last year. he says that's due to widespread expectation. gun laws will become more restrictive following the recent tragedy in newtown, connecticut, at that school. organizers say while guns were a big draw to the show, most of the people came out looking to buy ammunition. the goal of adding a level of protection on campuses, san francisco public schools will soon be taking part in active shooter drills. digital versions of the school's floor plans are being made available to police departments in the coming months. under current safety procedures, in the event of a shooting, teachers are instructed to move students into classrooms, call
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911, lock their doors and prepare to evacuate. people in newtown are debating the fate of that elementary school where gunman last month killed 21st 20 first graders and 6 staffers. people were divided about whether the children should ever return to sandy hook elementary school's campus. some say the school should simply be torn down. others say the school should be renovat renovated. for now, sandy hook students and staff have relocated to another school in a neighboring town. vice president joe biden will meet with the house members today to discuss ways to reduce gun violence following that tragedy. he's expected to give president obama a list of recommendations sometime tomorrow. mean time, the nra says congress will likely block any new law that would ban assault rifles. the nra has so far prevented passage of another assault weapons ban like the one that expired back in 2004.
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still ahead at 11:00, ryan wilson may be in an empire state of mind. the latest reports on one of the most popular giants in team history. >> a surprise news conference with the president this morning during which he warns congress he will not get in a fight over this country's debt limit. i'm bob redell. that story coming up. plus, has apple lost its cool? we'll take a look in business news.
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in a surprise move today, president obama holding his very last news conference of his first term. he used the encounter to address the debt ceiling debate soon to be heating up on capitol hill. bob redell joining us live from the newsroom with the latest details on president obama's speech. good morning. >> good morning, jon. president obama used his final news conference of his first term to demand that congress raise this country's debt limit, warning lawmakers not to play politics with, quote, the full and faith credit of the united states. the treasury department says the u.s. has until march to increase
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the nation's borrowing limit. otherwise, the country will likely default on its loans. republicans do not seem to be in the mood to negotiate after compromising on the so-called fiscal cliff last month. the gop says it will only raise the debt limit if there are equal dollar for dollar cuts in spending. otherwise, many republican lawmakers have threatened to force a shutdown of the government or let the country default on its loans and hurt its credit rating. the president this morning says that is unacceptable. >> a self-inflicted wound on the economy. it would slow down our growth, might tip us into recession. and ironically, would probably increase our deficit. >> reporter: and it would, the president warned, delay checks for social security and veterans' benefits. the president also said he would soon ask lawmakers to create new gun laws in the wake of the newtown massacre. he will likely seek universal background checks, limit on high-capacity magazines and a ban on assault weapons. reporting live here from the newsroom, i'm bob redell. >> bob, thank you very much.
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after nearly two months in the hospital, former president george h.w. bush has been discharged. nbc news learning doctors at methodist hospital in houston, texas releasing the 88-year-old bush just this morning. he was admitted november 23rd for treatment of a bronchitis-related cough. in december, the nation's 41st president spent a week in the hospital's intensive care unit for treatment of a persistent fever. no word so far whether the elder bush will return to his houston home or be moved to rehabilitation center for continued medical treatment. and some trouble this morning for apple. that stock down significantly after a report in the "wall street journal" says iphones may not be selling as well as the cupertino company had hoped. scott mcgrew joining us with analysis. >> good morning. the journal says apple cut orders from its suppliers for the parts that go into the iphone 5 by as much as half. apple stock is hovering around $500 this morning, down
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significantly. so why fewer iphones? well, perhaps increased competition from samsung. samsung, after all, offers all kinds of different phones. but apple offers just one. cnet speculates maybe apple is just too mainstream these days. it's the phone of the parents instead of the cool teen babysitter. shares in facebook quietly gaining. the company has a press conference tomorrow morning. we don't know what it's going to be about just yet. perhaps some new news on mobile advertising. but facebook stock has quietly turned itself around. it opened this morning at $31 a share. that's a six-month high. and deutsche bank gave it an upgrade, as well. we'll find out more tomorrow. back to you. >> scott, thank you very much. it's been announced today, toyota was the world's top-selling automaker of 2012. the car company selling more than 9.7 million cars and trucks worldwide last year. general motors, which was the top automaker in 2011 sold just under 9.3 million vehicles,
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still pretty good. both companies seeing higher sales. but toyota's growth was larger, due in part to sales of its very popular camry, which is the top-selling car here in the united states. jernl germany volkswagen, third highest sales with 9.1 million vehicles. you probably have the heat seaters on. christina, loren, when is jack frost going to leave? >> jack frost will get out of here wednesday. but a lot of people sick of the cold, jon. just like you. this is a live look at a crystal clear sky over san jose. when you get clear skies, the warmth radiates back out into the atmosphere, no clouds to serve as a blanket and we are very cold as a result. and not only is it cold, the winds are picking up so more of a wind chill factor. 45 in san jose and 45 in sun see veil. look at concord at 44 degrees. sustained winds in the east bay between 10 to 20 miles per hour, making it feel more like the
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30s. 38 degrees when it comes to the wind chill factor in concord. so fields colder with the gusty winds. however, the gusty winds keep us more mild starting tomorrow. still have the significant dip in the jet stream. and that's just ushering in cold, arctic air. as we head throughout the day today, only climbing into the low 40s and 50s as a result. auns we get into tomorrow, high pressure sets up, offshore flow picks up and for us that means a warmer day ahead by about 3 to 5 degrees for tomorrow. you'll also notice plentiful sunshine, but not as frigid to start the day. and then t warmup continues as high pressure gains more strength, more energy, as we get towards the end of the week. i want to spend some time on your seven-day forecast. because if you're sick of the cold, look at what is to come. by tuesday, a five-degree climb and then we'll climb even more so into wednesday, up to 60 degrees inland. as we get into thursday and friday, unseasonably warm. that means you can peel off that heavy coat, maybe even give your heater a break.
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as we get into friday and the upcoming weekend, we peak on saturday. 66 degrees. and sunday, a little bit cooler, maybe a few showers. the chance is not that promising, but it will drop off our temperatures as we see a weak disturbance pass to our north. now, i'm going to do your wife a solid, jon kelly. the 14th of february, one month away. as you know, sir, valentine's day and i like to help out the ladies in there. back to you. >> appreciate the heads up and reminder thank you very much. i know the wife will dig that. coming up at 11:00, we'll recap the golden globes and the winners, including a film director that snagged a huge prize after being snubbed by the oscars. and the beard may be headed east. we'll let you know which team from the apple could be making a run at brian wilson.
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welcome back, everybody. in case you missed it right here on nbc, the 70th annual golden globes kicking off award season. that took place last night. the night's big prize for best motion picture went to "argo" and "lincoln" and "zero dark thirty." ben affleck picked up the win for best director for the political thriller, just days after getting the big snub from the academy awards nomination. >> what the award is, when they put your name next to the names that she just read off, it's an extraordinary thing in your life. >> jessica chastain winning best actress for "zero dark thirty." best actor goes to daniel day-lewis phenomenal in "lincoln." ""les mis""and anne hathaway. and "homeland" winning big, best drama and best actress for claire danes. plus a first time victory for
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damian lewis. that is hot. want to check it out. switch now to some winners over in sports. the 49ers headed east. they have a date with those atlanta falcons in the nfc championship one victory away from the super bowl. the falcons pulling off a last-minute win over the seahawks just yesterday. the final score after that kick, 30-28 in the closing seconds. the niners mean time riding high after a monster win over green bay. check out colin kaepernick. the cat was doing it all, setting a record running and throwing all over the packers. his postseason record or actually nfl record overall, 14 carries, 183 yards rushing. he leads the niners to a 45-31 win. and that was after an opening touchdown pass he threw for the wrong team was picked off, gave the packers the lead there, 7-0. colin kaepernick on fire from that points on. now the falcons will see if they can keep it going against the niners, taking on the football field in atlanta. this sunday at noon. make sure to mark your calendars. go 49ers.
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and giants, they've wrapped up a world championship, kicked off a tour of the 2010 trophies. fans check that out. today the trophy headed to the richmond memorial auditorium from 3:00 to 5:00 this afternoon. if you have a chance, check it out. it's very cool. we had it here in the newsroom. the tour will be running throughout northern california and parts of oregon and arizona. it's all about sharing the love. and if you want to see that trophy, check out the tour schedule, it's real simple. go to search world series trophy tour. more baseball news. the beard. guess what? may be switching to the orange and black going from the orange and black to the orange and blue. it's reported wilson had a workout privately for the new york mets. that took place saturday in l.a. sources speculate the mets could look to sign brian wilson to a minor league deal. wilson, if you recall, underwent tommy john surgery last april
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and had his contract nontendered by the giants following the world series. that means wilson is now free to sign with any team who wants him. good luck to brian wilson. this just into our newsroom. the associated press now reporting lance armstrong has apologized to the livestrong staff. that happened today before his interview where he's going to come out and possibly apologize to oprah winfrey. armstrong telling the ap, quote, he is ready to speak candidly. that is when a reporter caught up with him during a sunday morning run. armstrong strongly denied the doping charges pressed against him and then he was stripped of his seven tour de france titles a few months ago after the u.s. anti doping agency released a detailed report. the oprah winfrey interview is set to air thursday. should be very interesting. a first look at the torches for the 2014 prk winter games. that's right, the shapes there resembling feathers from a fire bird, which is a character from
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russian fairy tales. it's colored ready to match the shade used in traditional russian sports. and the torch is made out of a very lightweight aluminum, which will help all the runners stay fit and run smooth. the torch relay begins this october in this greece. it will end up in february 2014 in shoichi, russia. when we get back, the san jose sharks ready to get back on the ice. we'll have the key details and dates to prove it coming up.
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this was a long time coming. after a painful lockout, the san jose sharks finally started practice. hundreds of happy fans out there greeting their players. very happy to see all the sharks back on the ice in san jose. they will have a shortened training camp now before the real season finally starts. a shortened season. here are the dates you need to know. game one of that 48-game season will start off sunday in calgary. the sharks will then play their
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first home game. that's right, they'll be home in the shark tank january 24th, taking on the phoenix coyotes. the nhl season will end april 27th. the sharks will wrap-up their season in los angeles taking on the defending champion kings. the playoffs begin april 30th of the stanley cup final happening at the end of june. so go ahead and mark those calendars. and the way it's been feeling outside, we could have been playing on the streets in some places, right? >> that's right. but you know what? we got monday done. check. >> that's right. out of the way. and a warmup coming for the weekend. so we're looking forward to the weekend. thank you very much for joining us. thank you, christina. and we'll be back at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 tonight and all day long on you have a great day. >> thank you. >> you guys have a great day. see you tomorrow.
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